Industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing machines

SLM 125

Compact, accurate high power printing for low powder volume applications. The smallest machine in the SLM Solutions’ lineup, the SLM®125 is ideal for a variety of users, from rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing to serial production and research work.
125 x 125 x 125 mm, single laser

SLM 280 2.0

Metal 3D printing with multiple lasers and closed-loop powder handling. The SLM®280 2.0 is ideal for medium to high volume metal additive manufacturing part production and prototypes.
280 x 280 x 365 mm, multilaser (twin)

SLM 280 Production Series

Third-generation machine designed for production environments. Featuring multiple lasers, closed-loop powder handling and upgraded process control ideal for demanding applications requiring high productivity.
80 x 280 x 365 mm, Multi-laser (twin), Dedicated material, Automated powder handling, Permanent filter

SLM 500

The first quad-laser metal system on the market, SLM®500 can integrate lasers independently or in parallel to increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configurations.
500 x 280 x 365 mm, Multi-laser (twin or quad) Dedicated material, Automated powder handling Turnkey system includes part removal station

SLM 800

The SLM®800 features an extended z-axis for large-scale part production. The ability to have multiple machines connected via the SLM® HUB opens new possibilities for large-scale industrial metal additive manufacturing.
500 x 280 x 850 mm, Multi-laser (quad), fPermanent filter and SLM®HUB automated cylinder handling and powder management


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