SLM 125

High Power Laser in a Compact Footprint

Offering a larger build plate and higher-powered laser than other similar-sized machines, the SLM®125 is a flexible manufacturing system to fit users’ specific needs. Metal additive manufacturing beginners can develop processes that scale to larger SLM® systems, research institutes benefit from a material development toolkit and production facilities can run prototype, small series and qualified production components. All selective laser melting powders, including reactive materials, can be processed on the SLM®125.

Compact, accurate high power printing for low powder volume applications. The smallest machine in the SLM Solutions’ lineup, the SLM®125 is ideal for a variety of users, from rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing to serial production and research work.

  • 125 x 125 x 125 mm build envelope
  • Single laser
  • Multi-material

Compact Powerful Machine for Metal Part Production

The smallest machine in the SLM Solutions’ lineup includes many of the top-quality features of our larger platforms in a compact footprint. The substrate plate can pre-heated to up to 200°C and the standard 400W fiber laser is the highest power offered on small machines to replicate production settings with up to 80% less metal powder than other systems.

Efficient, Methodical Parameter Development Software

SLM Solutions’ material development module is an easy, intuitive software tool for a systematic analysis of parameter variation. Users gain the power of developing in-house material know-how and utilizing custom process settings. Automated parameter alignment through rule definition and the replication and positioning of parts on the build plate create time savings in alloy development and parameter optimization.

High-Quality Metal Powders and Reliable Powder Management Process

Stainless steel, cobalt-chrome, nickel alloys, aluminum, and titanium, to name a few, can all be processed in top quality on all SLM Solutions selective laser melting systems. Both reactive and non-reactive metals can be processed in the standard SLM®125 configuration. Thanks to the machine’s compact design with a reduced number of powder-transporting components, materials can be changed quickly and easily.

Customer-Oriented System for Additive Manufacturing Success

The SLM®125 can be adapted to customers’ requirements and allows the user to scale their selective laser melting strategy. A variety of components and options make the SLM®125 an optimal system for all users, from research institutes working on new materials and process development to first-time users looking to gain best-in-class metal AM experience, as well as prototype manufacturers or, of course, those running qualified series production processes.

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