SLM 280 Production Series

With a build plate 25% larger than standard mid-sized machines to fit more parts per build, the SLM®280 Production Series is a high-power, multi-laser machine designed for production oriented additive manufacturing. The SLM®280 Production Series utilizes our patented multi-laser scan strategy to minimize soot interference, alter layer stitching and deliver results with the same density and mechanical properties as single-laser builds.

Third-generation machine designed for production environments. Featuring multiple lasers, closed-loop powder handling and upgraded process control ideal for demanding applications requiring high productivity. 

  • 280 x 280 x 365 mm build envelope 
  • Multi-laser (twin)
  • Dedicated material
  • Automated powder handling
  • Permanent filter

Gas Flow Ensures Highest Part Quality

The SLM®280 Production Series provides a patented, laminar gas flow that creates a clean process environment and increases quality throughout the whole build. Powder transport, sieving and storage is contained within an inert gas atmosphere to maintain powder quality

Permanent Filter Module Improves Uptime and Reduces Costs

The permanent filter module traps soot and condensate particles from the process gas stream in a sintered plate filter. The filter is purged with gas, the waste material coated with an inhibitor and dropped in a bin for dry disposal, while clean gas returns to the process chamber. 

Closed Loop Powder Handling Increases Safety and Material Quality

Powder transport, sieving and storage is contained within a closed-loop, inert gas atmosphere to maintain material quality

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