The SLM®800 efficiently builds large components and opens new production possibilities. All SLM Solutions’ patented innovations have been scaled up and partnered with features such as a metal recoating brush, permanent filter module and centralized powder supply to enable successful large builds. 

The SLM®HUB and optional Build Cylinder Magazine create an automated, multi-machine production manufacturing cell. The result: A fully automated handling station which maximizes machine uptime and offers a no-contact powder solution for production processes.

The SLM®800 features an extended z-axis for large-scale part production. The ability to have multiple machines connected via the SLM® HUB opens new possibilities for large-scale industrial metal additive manufacturing.

  • 500 x 280 x 850 mm build envelope
  • Multi-laser (quad)
  • Permanent filter
  • Multi-machine set-up
  • SLM®HUB automated cylinder handling and powder management

Ready for Serial Production

The SLM®800 utilizes our proven quad-laser technology with an extended z-axis for larger production builds. Vertically extending the build envelope reduces exposure per layer and yields higher part quality, in particular, to flatness and reduced internal material stress. Vertical orientations also need less supports reducing material usage and post-processing.

Permanent Filter Improves Uptime and Reduces Costs

The permanent filter module traps soot and condensate particles from the process gas stream in a sintered plate filter. The filter is purged with gas, the waste material coated with an inhibitor and dropped in a bin for dry disposal, while clean gas returns to the process chamber. This helps stabilize gas flow and ensures part quality throughout long builds without interruption. The elimination of consumable filter cartridges increases safety while improving machine uptime and reducing costs.

Automatic Powder Handling 

Each SLM®800 features an integrated powder tank to supply the machine with a direct source of material. The additional central powder supply unit (CPS) features two 220l tanks, one fixed for delivery to the machine and one portable for powder refill. Sieves are located both in between the two CPS tanks and on the machine directly before use to ensure powder quality throughout the process. This leads to an increased machine uptime, high safety and material quality.

Automated Build Cylinder Handling

The SLM®HUB utilizes a linear axis to drive build cylinders internally between four integrated stations and directly into or out of the SLM®800 machine. The four stations allows an automated de-packing of the part out of the cylinder under an inert gas atmosphere to maintain powder quality. All recovered powder is returned to the powder supply where it will be used in the next build. 

  • Pulling Station – Full cylinders are pulled from the machine and transported to the depowder station.
  • Depowder Station – Build cylinders are turned over to pour out loose powder. Once loose powder is removed the cylinder is vibrated to remove and powder that might be trapped within the part.
  • Merge Station – Operators can insert blank build plates into the HUB, or remove powder free parts ready for post processing.
  • Parking Station – Build plates are heated up and full build cylinders are cooled down

Patented Gas Flow

SLM Solutions patented laminar gas flow ensures a maximum removal of condensate in the build chamber. A clean, soot-free build chamber means the laser has a clear path to the powder bed resulting in high-quality parts the total height of the build.

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