The best performing, most efficient system in its class, the SLM®500 is designed to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. Machine operator and powder are separated through a closed-loop powder handling strategy that includes an automated powder sieve and supply. Designed for serial production, exchangeable build cylinder enables shortest possible fire to fire times reducing downtimes of the machine to a minimum. The patented multi-laser overlap strategy ensures consistent material quality. 

The first quad-laser metal system on the market, SLM®500 can integrate lasers independently or in parallel to increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configurations.

  • 500 x 280 x 365 mm build envelope
  • Multi-laser (twin or quad)
  • Dedicated material 
  • Automated powder handling
  • Turnkey system includes part removal station

Selective Laser Melting for Serial Production

Increased productivity is crucial for production-oriented machines, and the SLM®500 is available with two or four lasers operating independently or in parallel. With 400W and 700W lasers available, users have the choice of laser power matched to their material, with the option of increased power to build in thicker layers for further productivity gains. The machine provides a laser overlap strategy for efficient processing. Testing proves comparable density and mechanical property results in overlap and single-laser scan areas.

Permanent Filter Module Improves Uptime and Reduces Costs

The permanent filter module traps soot and condensate particles from the process gas stream in a sintered plate filter. The filter is purged with gas, the waste material coated with an inhibitor and dropped in a bin for dry disposal, while clean gas returns to the process chamber. 

Closed Loop Powder Handling Increases Safety and Material Quality

Powder transport, sieving and storage is contained within a closed-loop, inert gas atmosphere to maintain material quality

PRS for Efficient Unpacking

The Part Removal Station (PRS) reduces machine downtime by allowing one completed job to be unpacked while the next can begin on the machine. Build cylinders with completed jobs are transported out of the SLM®500 for cooling and powder removal in an inert atmosphere. Integrated gloves offer full access to remove material without exposing operators to metal powder. A vacuum hose, located directly in the PRS chamber, feeds unused powder directly back to the PSV for sieving and use in the next production build.

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