SLM Solutions is the world's leading provider of systems for metal additive manufacturing and development of applications for the production of prototypes and final serial parts.

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As the inventor of Selective Laser Melting technology, SLM Solutions is the leading supplier of industrial 3D printing machines for metal. With a strategic focus on metal additive manufacturing and multi-laser technology, our selective laser melting machines have been developed to be productive, reliable and safe, while maximizing operator investment.

As technology pioneers, we create limitless possibilities to change the future of manufacturing forever.


SLM Solutions’ founding members are directly responsible for the invention of selective laser melting technology. We continue to focus on the development and distribution of the most innovative, production-oriented metal additive manufacturing systems.


SLM Solutions holds a large number of innovations that increase metal additive technology productivity and quality. Exclusive features such as bi-directional recoating, multi-laser overlap strategy, and laminar gas flow make SLM® machines some of the most advanced on the market.


SLM Solutions was first in the metal additive industry to offer multi-laser systems, and bi-directional recoating. Today we continue to be completely focused on metal selective laser melting technology, material and parameter development, and propelling the technology forward.

Human Resources

From its humble beginnings, SLM Solutions has grown to a 400+ person, publicly traded global company. Employing some of the most innovative minds in the industry we are sucessful because of their unrelenting passion to push the boundaries of our technology to new heights. 



Aerospace and aviation manufacturers have embraced additive manufacturing and are capitalizing on the benefits of producing highly-complex, low volume components to reduce costs. The innovation of this sector has demonstrated the ability to design intricate parts for improved functionality, rather than for manufacturability making additive manufacturing a critical must-have technology for their industry. 


High-performance racing cars to series production vehicles, the benefits of design freedom and maximized functionality are increasing the demand for metal 3D printing in the automotive industry. Selective laser melting creates new possibilities in performance enhancements for engine and transmission components to chassis parts and tire mold segments. Metal additive manufacturing lowers costs for OEM’s and Tier suppliers by eliminating the need for tooling and reducing development and set-up time.


Producing metal parts for the energy sector with selective laser melting generates new opportunities to produce previously impossible geometries including internal cooling channels and undercuts, for example. Metal 3D printing allows engineers to design energy parts for maximum performance, rather than around machining capabilities. The paradigm shift in this industry continues as the idea that “complexity comes for free” expands as more energy companies incorporate additive manufacturing designs into their production.


Medical device manufacturers are increasingly adopting Selective Laser Melting technology to produce a wide range of medical and dental parts. Metal additive manufacturing is being implemented in both the production of functional prototypes and serial production of surgical implants, instruments, and equipment components, as well as mass customization, i.e. the production of patient-specific implants and prostheses on a large scale.


Metal additive manufacturing is increasingly used in the tooling industry to produce complete tools and tooling inserts. One main benefit of selective laser melting to produce tooling is through the integration of conformal cooling channels which make it possible to shorten cycle times, minimize stress loads in the components and extend the tool’s life. In addition, tools or inserts can be built with various material properties and can be targeted to surface hardness or damping properties of the core, for example.

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